Fresh Fiction Media Buzz – What book were they talking about?

Fresh Fiction: Media Buzz

It’s 11:20pm, and you’re lying in bed almost asleep watching the Daily Show. Jon’s interviewing an author who wrote about Abraham Lincoln’s presidential cabinet. Great interview, sounds interesting, but you’re so sleepy you simply can’t remember the name or author of the book in the morning. Sound familiar?  The Internet can help you remember so that you can pick up the book from your local library!

Fresh Fiction’s Media Buzz has a quick form that let’s you pick from LOTS of different radio and television programs. Examples are Oprah, The Colbert Report, Morning Edition, and 20/20. Choose a show, click the button, get a list of all the books and authors on the show by descending date order. Figure out which book you’re looking for and go to the WorldCat website to find the library closest to you that has it.

Fresh Fiction, by the way, looks like it is a good Readers Advisory site. I haven’t looked in depth at any other features of the site yet.

I’ll post about Readers Advisory and Worldcat at another point, but feel free to discuss or ask about them in the comments.


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